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Hong Kong Airlines Yancheng scheduled charter from November 2018

Hong Kong Airlines from mid-November 2018 is adding Hong Kong – Yancheng (Jiangsu Province) route, operating as scheduled charter from 16 NOVEMBER 2018 to operate this route 3 times a week, with Airbus A320 aircraft. The schedule will be as follows:- HX6120 HKG0855 – 1155YNZ 320 7 HX6120 HKG0955 – 1255YNZ 320 5 HX6120 HKG1210 – 1510YNZ 320 2 HX6121 YNZ1440 – 1800HKG 320 7 HX6121 YNZ1555 – 1915HKG 320 5 HX6121 YNZ1610 – 1930HKG 320 2

Hong Kong Airlines A320

All information posted is at the best of our knowledge and is subject to change

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