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Aviation spotting is being part of my life when I was a kid. Studied in Kowloon Tong and lived in Tokwawan. Kai Tak and planes surrounded my first quarter of life. In late 80s, my very first time flew to Manila by Philippines Airlines A300. I told myself aviation spotting would be my long-lasting hobby until the rest of my life. From film to digital, from radio scanner to aviation apps, from no traffic information to searching aviation information from internet for preparation the next spotting day, we still have lots to explore in future. Traveled over 35 countries and spotted over 40 airports, I presume the aforesaid data will keep growing and taking aviation enthusiast to new heights!

Vice President


When I was a kid, I saw planes taking off and landing on Kai Tak’s runway from the balcony of my home and this has lead me to have an interest in aeroplanes. When I started university in 1996, I began to read aviation articles on the internet and in magazines, and also collected plane model.

I bought my first DSLR camera in 2004 and started to take photos of planes. Since then plane spotting has become my favourite hobby, whether I am in Hong Kong or overseas.


Chief Administrative Officer

My interest in aviation started in my university days in the UK . At that time I traveled by planes often. I started reading aviation news, magazines and I began my plane spotting hobby overseas.

I started my photographing at Leeds Bradford Airport . However, my favorite is Manchester Airport  because of its viewing park. It was so close to the runway, so close that I could almost let me touch the planes! Ever since, I have been planspotting in other countries, such as Japan, Korea and Thailand. I like to share my experience with other aviation enthusiasts, finding new locations for spotting to enrich our spotting hobby and goals!

Chief Operation Officer


My aviation photography hobby began simply by watching YouTube videos of planes taking off and landing and also viewing aviation photos on Kai Tak landing videos were the ones which triggered me to go to the Skydeck at Hong Kong International Airport to actually see and feel planes taking off and landing. As my interest of aviation photography continued, uploading photos to or was my next goal. This would not have been possible without my father's agreement of purchasing me a DSLR camera and the help of other members in this group. I believe plane spotting is such a great hobby because you can meet a lot of like-minded people from around the world which share the same hobby.


Chief Finance Officer

Apart from the beauty of an aircraft in flight, aviation photographers are also very keen on the colourful liveries carried by modern airliners. Most airlines have painted aircraft in “special” liveries, and this is the main reason for my interest in aviation photography, hoping to capture these fantastic liveries with my camera. I have enjoyed meeting other aviation enthusiasts and sharing our hobby, as well as travelling overseas to chase our dreams and targets.

IT Specialist


Aviation has been a big part of my life. Planespotting is one of many ways to appreciate and enjoy aviation. It is a great way to learn more about aviation while sharing stories with other aviation enthusiasts. Another reason I am so attracted to planespotting and aviation photography is that the aviation industry is constantly evolving; airplanes and airports come and go, which gives me the perfect excuse to travel around-the-world. 

Alvin Ho


Chief Information Officer

Planespotting began in Kai Tak's generation, it being part of my life since then. I really enjoy this activity with aviation enthusiasts no matter they are newbie or master around the world. Hopefully, plane spotting becomes famous hobby soonest hence we need not to explain why catching an iron bird!


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