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Association of Hong Kong Aviation Photographers (AHKGAP) was founded in August 2012 by a group of dedicated aviation enthusiasts based in Hong Kong. While other similar groups have existed in the past, we are the first professional attempt at creating a group to promote the hobby of aircraft spotting and photography, as well as interest in the commercial aviation industry. We are an officially registered organisation in Hong Kong.

Why we are here?
There are thousands of aviation enthusiasts around the world who visit airports to watch aircraft and take photographs – a hobby known as “plane spotting”. This hobby originated in the UK but has spread all around the world. Hong Kong has long been regarded as a heaven for plane spotters and photographers, with the now closed Kai Tak Airport being the favourite airport for many enthusiasts. Although the number of Hong Kong-based plane spotters is few compared to countries such as the UK and Japan, there is in fact a very active group of enthusiasts who pursue the hobby, both locally in Hong Kong as well as overseas.

The hobby of plane spotting centres on the exchange of knowledge in aviation and photography with fellow enthusiasts, as well as being a relaxing and “healthy” activity to spend time with like-minded friends.

Uniqueness of AHKGAP
AHKGAP was created by a group of Hong Kong aviation enthusiasts with extensive experience in the hobby. The founding members also include aviation professionals who have worked in the industry for many years. This combination of knowledge and experience will allow our group to promote our hobby in a professional and friendly manner.

We will be working with aviation organisations and authorities in Hong Kong and overseas to help promote the hobby to a wider audience.

Welcome to AHKGAP – Taking Aviation Enthusiasts to New Heights!

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